Our technology services cover a broad spectrum of technologies and stargraphicspractices. These services are backed by a large pool of talent,established methodologies and well-oiled processes

Our core practices include:

  • Systems Integration services: Building IT infrastructure by integrating different products and technologies.
  • Microsoft practice: Specialize in providing services around Microsoft technologies
  • Professional services: Custom development, Implementation and integration of packaged software applications.
  • Managed services: Infrastructure support and maintenance services including managing clients IT Infrastructure
  • Staffing services: Providing skilled IT resources on contract basis.
  • Internet Integration services: Specialize in Web development activities using Internet technologies
  • Internet service Provider: Internet access, hosting and value added services
  • Maintenance & Repair Services- in house repair, parts exchange, system health check and quality online test
  • Data Center Security Services – sophisticated network security solutions for data centers
  • Individual SLA’s – Standard Service Level Agreement
  • UPS & Power Solution Services – Uninterruptible Powers Supply
  • CCTV Services – Network mounts & Fix cameras, thermal imaging solutions and miscellaneous
  • Consulting Services: Infrastructure support and maintenance services including managing clients IT Infrastructure
  • Staffing Services: Providing skilled IT resources on contract basis. 


As your IT Partner, we are able to address a large chunk of your IT needs with these services.ITS strongly believes that by choosing us for IT Services, Customers will benefits in several ways:

RISK Management

ITS service delivery centers are ISO Certified hence are compliant with Industry Standard for security. IT service processes and network access. This established comfort should minimize the concerns related to security for this engagement.


ITS has the ability to provide innovative solutions that ITS has either internally  developed/perfected or can bring other leading solutions through its strategic partnerships. As stated before, ITS spends one of the highest amounts on R&D for development of innovative solutions.


ITS brings the value of global service provider and yet has the ability to be price competitive through the use of its global delivery model, tools & automation and proven best practices. Our customers will benefit with this competitive pricing without having to compromise on the values that it expects of a global service provider.


ITS has a unique model of provisioning project specific infrastructure and tools for use in specific projects on a pay-per-use basis instead of customers having to procure new assets.