Zoom: Endless Possibilities, Optimal Ease of Use

Zoom is conquering the world! Not surprising – its user satisfaction is unprecedented. Zoom offers endless features, integrations, and user insights. As Zoom partner in Saudi Arabia, ACS helps you get the most out of Zoom.


Zoom it’s the first choose because it works on any device, on any network, and anywhere in the world. Zoom not only makes your employees happy but also IT team and your wallet!

  • Ease of use
  • Dashboard provides insight reports
  • Made substantial security leaps
  • Features and integrations

ACS Zoom’s solutions

Zoom Rooms

Extend the experience of Zoom Meetings to the Meeting Rooms, with this video conferencing system.

Zoom Webinars

Zoom is the tool for live and on-demand virtual events for marketing, training, or internal communication purposes.

Zoom Meetings

Video conferencing has never been easier! Zoom Meetings allows teams to collaborate effectively anytime, anywhere.

Zoom licenses through ACS

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