CSE Awards ACS a Frame Contract

ACS Signs the First Framework Agreement for Information Technology Devices with The Center for Spending Efficiency (CSE)


Arabic Computer Systems (ACS) signed with the Center for Spending Efficiency (CSE) on Wednesday, December 30, 2020, the first framework agreement for information technology devices, which aims at enabling government agencies to order products through the unified electronic market, on Etimad platform. The memorandum was signed by Eng. Abdul Razzaq Al-Aujan CEO of the Center for Spending Efficiency, as a first-party. and Mr. Khaled Al-Shamlan, CEO of Arabic Computer Systems (ACS) as the second party.

The Center for Spending Efficiency is responsible for standardized procurement through framework agreements on behalf of government agencies in accordance with the provisions of the new system, and among its most prominent features for the public sector is improving the quality of products and services and standardizing their specifications, reducing financial waste, and stabilizing conditions and prices in contracts and purchase orders, and saving time in the procurement process by automating and facilitating procedures through the unified online marketplace.

This agreement is to be a guide for cooperation between the two parties to serve the Kingdom in the field of digital transformation, which is one of the Key goals of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision in creating an effective electronic government.