We were aligned with Vision 2030 in building our focus strategy, we have made changes to our business priorities and adapted our business approach to ensure we are in sync with the needs of our nation. We reinvented our offerings, built new capabilities and developed our strategy to ensure ACS’ solutions and services are mapped to the core challenges ‘driven from vision 2030’ of any business in Saudi Arabia.



   Cost Efficiency

  • Increase performance efficiency.
  • Developing the approach of serving our customers.

   Human Capital

  • Increase employment rates.
  • Improve the rate of women employment.
  • Getting the disabled to become worthy members of society.


  •  Grow diversify the Economy.
  • Improving services access and providing High quality services.


Our development strategy structured as a pyramid which we like to call “The Strategic Pyramid”. This pyramid represents the values we deliver to our customer in each level.

Starting from providing IT Essentials, level one of IT services (supply, installation & maintenance), moving up to the adding value level where we provide added value services on the top of IT essentials services (Assessment, SLA & IT solutions), then we move to the business level to deliver real business values (Consultation & tailored or industrial solutions). At the top of our pyramid we have the innovation level, where we create a new set of values and solutions that delight our customers.

The Strategy Pyramid helped us to restructure our offerings and release our first edition as ‘Offerings pyramid’.


            Strategic Pyramid

         Offerings Pyramid

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