Arabic Computer Systems (ACS) started in 1984 by Engineer Mohammed Al Ballaa as one of the pioneer IT companies in Saudi Arabia. Since then, it has grown to cover the whole of the Kingdom.

When asked about the reason behind his keen interest in increasing investments in Information Technology, Engineer Mohammed replied, “To be able to safeguard our nation against vulnerabilities”. Such an answer was the spirit that spurred our growth, and the same passion continues to guide us.

ACS is a leading provider of Information Technology and Digital Transformation. For more than three decades, ACS has enjoyed impressive growth, year after year. ACS is part of National Group Technology which was entrusted to enroll in The National Companies Promotion Program –Vision 2030 program.



The Leading Technology Partner in the Region with Global Innovative Technologies.

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We help our customers to transform their business based on market changes by providing them with innovative, efficient and effective technologies and services.

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Our values span three broad areas. Under each area we are committed to a set of specific ideals. These values define us and serve to assure our partners and clients that they will cherish working with us


National Responsibility

As a national company, we are aware of our responsibilities to our country and the need to support the initiatives of the government, especially those related to Vision 2030. We have always stood by it, and commit to remain so!

We believe that our duty is to perform on par or even better than the best-of-breed IT companies globally, so as to bring honour and prestige to the Nation.


One Family

We enjoy fun activities that take the rigour out of work, and make every task enjoyable, making each person feel he belongs to one large extended family

This is the central pillar of our establishment. We will continually work towards winning the trust of our partners, customers and staff.

We are dedicated to creating a benign, nurturing and caring environment where everyone is cared for and believes in caring for others.

Beyond being just a policy, honesty is a value which we cherish for its own sake as well. Ethics and fair-play are built into our DNA and we strive to live by it in all our dealings.


Innovative Ways

We are passionate about our clients’ success in everything we do.
We believe in making passion infectious among all our staff.

We dare where others fear to tread. Adventure permeates the fresh desert air we breathe. We believe in providing our solutions and services to clients even in the remotest parts of the Kingdom.



ACS has always been keen to support the Kingdom, and it has been working continuously to contribute towards fulfilling the needs of deserving sections of society. ACS has adopted and implemented many community development initiatives in line with the Company’s values. We have formulated social responsibility committees for the purpose of responding to different social needs. These committees strength the relationships within the society. Citizens become motivated to join in working towards the country’s development. These initiatives manifest our long-standing commitment to uplifting weaker sections in Saudi society.

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